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Our Communities,
Our Region, Our Future

brings together the voices and needs of people in our communities to develop a social plan for the Northern Rivers region. This website has been created to hold information about our region for use by our community, students, social planners, community organisations, government, councils and businesses, including:

Latest News events and opportunities in implementing the regional social plan.
Our Region a collection of data about what it’s like to live in the Northern Rivers.
Our Future the Northern Rivers regional social plan: The priorities, action plans, implementation partners and outcomes we are aiming to achieve together.


2013 Art Competition

Our 2013 Art Competition asked local artists to put their thoughts into any art medium, including 2D, 3D, audio or a short video.

The art pieces, together with other voices from our community, helped develop our regional priorities so we can all work together for a better future.

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Community Vox Pops

We sought out your opinion. We wanted to know what you think about our Region: What you Love about it, what makes you happy and unhappy. What can be improved and what is great just as it is.

See what people had to say:
Check our Vox Pop page

Your Say

We invited people to our community forums to share their ideas for the future of our region.

We know what the Statistics say about us but what does it mean to live, work & learn here.

Are we enjoying a happy Life?
Who isn't and Why?
What do we want to change & how?
What is most important to you?

We gathered the full story to plan for our future.

Click here to see the Forum summaries

Stewardship Group Gets the Ball Rolling!

The Stewardship Group is preparing an implementation plan to support key action areas, population indicators, partners who could contribute and proposals for collective action to commence after June 2015.

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Our Future

In February 2015 a group was formed to support implementation of The Northern Rivers Regional Social Plan- to bring community and government organisations together to work collectively to improve community wellbeing and attract and facilitate investment for positive social impact in the Northern Rivers region of NSW. The group is now known as the Northern Rivers Social Change Collaboration.

The Collaboration is using a snowball method to identify and include additional organisations with interest and capacity to participate and contribute. Any organisation can nominate to join the Northern Rivers Social Change Collaboration. It currently has 24 community and government organisations in its membership.

Opportunities for working collectively

The Northern Rivers Regional Social Plan incorporates 13 desired future outcomes along with potential measures, partners and  strategies. The Collaboration considered the plan, along with information about changes and issues in the service delivery, funding and policy context in the region, to identify three key action areas as opportunities to focus its current work.

  • improving outcomes for children and young people
  • a collective approach to domestic and family violence, including prevention
  • affordable housing investment and supply

Click here to see the Northern Rivers Social Change Collaboration Terms of Reference.

For further information about the project, or to nominate to join the Northern Rivers Social Change Collaboration

please contact Ian O'Reilly at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Our Community

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The Northern Rivers

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